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What to do When Living a Non Plastic Life

This earth is our home and we will need to take care of it no matter the cost. That is why we should keep the environment clean and unpolluted. There are many things that are polluting the environment that is causing a lot of problems to us, like sickness and the depletion of resources. Many people will die from hunger when the soils is too infertile to grow the food that the nations need to keep going this is another effect of pollution. Pollution also causes a decline in the quality of water and the air that we breath in. When you are using insecticides and pesticides you must be careful for there are those that are very harmful to the soil and also to the water that we drink.. Plastics are the major problem that the environment is facing today. Everywhere that you look you will find a lot of plastics. most of the packaging is in plastics today and this is making the problem even worst. Plants, animals and humans will suffer when you let the plastic waste to accumulate in one area. The plastic problem has harmed the marine life most of all and this will be a great blow to people who depend on the oceans for their food and even to sell the fish they get so as to earn a living. the toxins in the ocean are dangerous for when they are consumed by the fish then we ear=t them then we will in turn get sick from the toxins. The effects are more than we can be able to mention. You will need to do a lot of research so that you can better understand the effects that you cause to the environment when you are using the plastic. One person cannot completely stop the pollution that is brought by plastic but each of us if we play our parts then we can make a big change here are some of the things you should do.

The first thing to do is recycling. There are plastics that are ideal to use for different purposes not only the one they were made for. The accumulation of plastic is the main problem so when you recycle you will find that you will reduce this.

Reduce the use of plastic products. When you go out shopping you can use the bags that are environmentally friendly instead of the plastic bags. It is the small things that will make all the difference change the small things that you get in plastic to using the ones that come in different materials.

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