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The Guide to Paying an Immigration Bond

Immigration law is there to ensure that no one enters any country illegally. This evidently shows that one cannot survive in a country where they are not legally known by the government. Immigrants are the people that came from different countries due to many different purposes but they are not nationalities of that particular country. Sometimes, people are found guilty of being in a country and they get to be caught and taken to custody. In such a case, the court may need a bond to be paid so as for your loved one to be released and get to be coming in every time there is an hearing in court. In this article, we will focus on the steps that one need to follow when they are paying for an immigration bond.

First you need to have the information of the detainee and this includes their names in full and the Alien Registration Number. It is also great that you gather information regarding the ICE officer that is in charge of the detainee you want to pay the bond for. You are able to use this link where you call the ICE offices or show up in their offices so as to get the information you need. After you have known of the bond amount that is needed for the release of your loved one, you are able to book an appointment with the ICE officer taking the pay. Having this link will enable you visit the ICE offices near you and provide the bond.

Before anything else, you need to recall the fact that you cannot pay the bond in cash. All you need to do is have a check or a printed money order by a post office as this link is the only way of paying the bond. You need to have your identification documents when you paying the immigration and this link is the only thing that shows you really are legally living in the country.

There are two types of the immigration bonds which include the surety and cash bonds. Cash bonds are great as they allow for the money you paid for as bond get refunded back to you as long as you do not miss out on any court hearing. Surety bond is for those that cannot raise the bond needed and thus need the immigration bond agents. Mostly this link is always between the detainee and the immigration bond company present to help.

In summary, this is the guide that will assist you help a friend or family member with paying of the immigration bonds.