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Understanding The White Privilege

It is important before this discussion to discuss what we mean when we talk about white privilege. It is necessary to understand that being white has become and continues to become an advantage and has come with its benefits. These benefits and advantages placed on people of white color s not shared by many people of color, this does not mean that white people don’t work or do not need t work, it only means that they receive assistance making things easier for them because of the basis that they belong to the white community. Being white is often attached with having power and privileges.

The documentary white privilege from a black man’s perspective explains by providing viewers with a detailed breakdown of the police misconduct and brutality against the black man. The documentary aims at unveiling the injustices that are meted against the black man and other indigenous people, the language used in the documentary aims at the content being made mire relatable and understandable to the viewer.

After watching the documentary, many may feel disgusted and offended by the kind of acts of the police, brutality against the black community. The language and the curse words that are used in the documentary is aimed at bringing out the true picture of the situation, it might offend some viewers but it’s only a glimpse of what happens in real. There are references used for the white community throughout the white privilege documentary. We must give a sound of warning to those that are sensitive to curse words or vile language, viewer discretion is advised and guardians should be advised as the documentary may not apply to those under the age of 18 years. If one is not able to bear the language of the documentary, one is asked to refrain from viewing the content.

You may have word the use of the N word and may wonder why it is so much frequently used, well , the ignorant white individuals tend to speak like this amongst each other while in private. The Trump era made it more easier for individual to use the N-word with no fear. There are those that feel so bold to say this to the faces of others, others are not so bold and choose to say it to their backs. The documentary also refers to the black women as b*ches , well understand that even other black women refer to their counterparts as b* iches

People of color for a long time have been fighting against racisms The one s that ate associated with the white community privileges are mostly the white folk, when it comes to the white folk privileges it often dictates that the authority and power is in the hands of the white people. There are movements that have come p to stand against these privileges’ and supremacy by the creating awareness and education individuals on what is going on. The documentary helps to create awareness and also educate.

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